Cameras for Wedding Videography (Pros and Cons)

For the past three years, I've been on the search for the perfect wedding videography camera. I own a GH4 and usually set that up as a secondary camera for the ceremony or toasts, however I always rent my primary camera from (not a paid endorsement!). 

I try to keep it under 10 weddings a year, so renting from Lens Rentals makes perfect sense financially.

Anyway, I'd like to jot some thoughts down on the cameras I've used so far. Sadly, no camera has blown me away to the point of wanting to purchase it. But there are definitely some which are better than others.

  1. Canon Mark 5D Mark IV - Having used the 5D Mark II prior to this one, I was impressed at how much this line has grown. Being a full-frame camera, the low light performance was great of course. So was the auto-focus. Subject tracking was a bit off, but I haven't had it on long enough to really test it in every scenario. There's no in-body stabilization, but the camera definitely makes up for it in image quality. I was a bit disappointed in the battery life.
  2. Sony A7S II - This seems to be one of the favorites in the M 4/3 world. Low light performance is king for sure, however I did struggle with the battery life and button placements. It's also freaken small and needs to be "bulked" up with extra attachments to be taken seriously when shooting weddings. The in-body image stabilization was just okay... It really doesn't do much if there is more than a hand-shake of movement. Rolling shutter - horrible!
  3. Panasonic GH5 - I was really excited to use this one as I really like my GH4. However, besides the amazing in-body stabilization, I found everything else only a bit better than the GH4. I was shooting in a fairly dim venue (the A7SII would have handled this without a problem), and needed to max out the ISO. At this point, the image was noticeably noisy. Usable, yes... but just had a bit of a cheap look to it. Okay and then there's the autofocus which fucked me pretty bad on multiple occasions. The AF simply fails at 1.4-1.8, but this is the aperture I needed to compensate for the poor low light performance. I do have to say that the battery life on this thing is amazing for the size.
  4. Canon C100 Mark II - This is the camera I keep thinking about the most. I don't know why I didn't stop right here. Maybe it's the lack of 4K, or that I'm anxious about the 4 year old technology not keeping up with the newer cameras. However - everything about this camera is just perfect for weddings. Amazing battery life, AMAZING AF, large built-in monitor, great low light performance, inputs, appearance, and weight. 

Not sure if this helps for anyone who comes across this, but as you can tell, the C100 Mark II probably wins. Yes, it doesn't have 4K, but honestly - it makes up for it with everyone else that is nearly perfect.

Andrew KennedyComment